Negative attitudes towards elderly have profound effect on society (ageism community)

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EXCERPTS: . . . Per Erik Solem, a researcher on ageing at OsloMet, told the seminar participants that research shows that ageism seems to be more accepted than sexism and racism. “Negative attitudes towards the elderly have a profound effect on society,” he says.

Even people who strongly support equal opportunities for all, only minimally support the fight against age discrimination. Young, progressive adults believe that the elderly stand in the way of other groups in working life and in society in general.

These were the findings of a study published in 2021 by two American psychologists. Solem believes this generational struggle in people's consciousness is not limited to the United States. Norwegian media – even when reporting on research– fully accepts negative writings about the elderly or the use of stereotypes.

[...] Research shows that negative attitudes towards the elderly have also spread to working life. This is not because managers have bad experiences with older workers. In fact, most managers have positive perceptions and assessments of older employees, according to the research...

Nevertheless, more seniors experience age discrimination when applying for a new job. If you are between 58 and 59 years old, managers make it clear that the application should be set aside, even if you are qualified for the job. Research backs this up.

Managers give several explanations and justifications that are based on assumptions, rather than fact-based knowledge. The reasons they give for explaining why they are sceptical of hiring the elderly are based on negative perceptions and stereotypes, the Centre for Senior Policy writes. The Centre bases their statement on survey responses and qualitative interviews with managers. Educate managers... (MORE - missing details)
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i see comments in a message board i frequent from people who have personal issues about going out to bars and clubs because they believe there is an age limit to that type of behaviour.

how much is age-culture a generational cultural thing ?

as baby-boomers age and find themselves inside that bracket to feel disadvantaged by lack of ability to freely interact
will perceptions change toward a broadening of perceptions of age limits to social interaction ?

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