They're coming to get you: Drone swarm autonomously tracks human through dense forest

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INTRO: Scientists from China’s Zhejiang University have unveiled a drone swarm capable of navigating through a dense bamboo forest without human guidance.

The group of 10 palm-sized drones communicate with one another to stay in formation, sharing data collected by on-board depth-sensing cameras to map their surroundings. This method means that if the path in front of one drone is blocked, it can use information collected by its neighbors to plot a new route. The researchers note that this technique can also be used by the swarm to track a human walking through the same environment. If one drone loses sight of the target, others are able to pick up the trail.

In the future, write the scientists in a paper published in the journal Science Robotics, drone swarms like this could be used for disaster relief and ecological surveys... (MORE - details)
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Quoting a few pertinent comments below article proper:

Absolutely agree!
Fortunately, you’d just have to keep them at bay for 10 minutes or so with present battery capacity, which does mitigate the fear a little bit. A little bit.

the PR is always civilian-friendly. The application is always military.

All too true. Extend 'military use' to 'civilian oversight' and one gets the 1984++ picture of what's coming. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Globalist wet dream.

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