Latest & older solo guitar performances (DIY one person "band" thread)

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(Jan 12, 2022) Tommy Emmanuel plays "Fuel" live in Portland:
- - - - - -

Jan 11, 2022 ... Tommy Emmanuel: cover of "Windy and Warm" (Chet Atkins, John Loudermilk)

Guitar Teacher dissects Tommy Emmanuel playing "Classical Gas" (video below)

EXCERPT: I was in a harmony and theory class taught by a base instructor. I don't remember his name, but when Tommy Emmanuel came, he said:

"We're cancelling class, and we're all going. Because you're going to learn more about not just the instrument, but the industry music business, how to be a personality, how to be a performer. So many things. And it is way more important than anything I'll ever teach you. Let's go downstairs and we're gonna see Tommy Emmanuel."

And I was like sold, even though I didn't know who he was right then. He is a barrage, it is blunt force trauma, he is a force of nature to be reckoned with from Australia.

The sounds on his guitar [...] what he talks about in between songs, the way he's found a way to tour as a one-man band, and created the different pickups and stuff on it -- he is unbelievable. And I believe to this day he's the only person, or maybe there's one other, I think he's the only one that Chet Atkins gave the moniker "a certified guitar player". He's Chet Atkins certified so you know he's basically the baddest dude on the planet. 

Guitar Teacher dissects Tommy Emmanuel playing "Classical Gas"
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Michael Hedges

It might be that Alexandr Misko and others could be doing more mind-boggling "experimental acoustic guitar" work these days. But Hedges was that pioneer who made their future possible. They are standing on the shoulders of a forerunner giant.

A Michael Hedges interview:

The Unexpected Visitor -- played/taped in 1981, when he was unknown, no album yet:

Rootwitch (patience - a few equipment adjustments he makes at the start)

Aerial Boundaries (some tuning checks at the start)

"Ritual Dance" plus cover of "All Along the Watchtower" (use of the plectrum)
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Davy Graham was the inventor of the popular modal tuning DADGAD (reputedly the sole one that Pierre Bensusan uses). He was a chief influence on many young guitarists growing up during the skiffle revival in the UK, including Jimmy Page's work on the acoustic tracks of Led Zeppelin.

A tragedy that there are not more and better quality videos of him online. The audio of the old BBC stuff is horribly degraded, or maybe they never did pick up the sound of the instrument clearly to begin with. 

Davy Graham: "Angi"
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Skip James's first recordings were in 1931. This footage from the 1960s was result of him finally being rediscovered and lifted from obscurity, only a few years before he died. "He was traced to and found in a hospital in Tunica, Mississippi by John Fahey, Bill Barth, and Henry Vestine."

Robert Johnson's "Hellhound On My Trail" is said to have been crafted from James's "Devil Got My Woman".

Skip James: "Hard Times Killing Floor Blues"

Skip James: "Devil Got My Woman"
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This is the legend who taught his guitar style and many blues/ragtime instrumental works and songs to students like Stefan Grossman, David Bromberg, Steve Katz, Roy Book Binder, Larry Johnson, Nick Katzman, Dave Van Ronk, Rory Block, Ernie Hawkins, Larry Campbell, Bob Weir, Woody Mann, and Tom Winslow.

(Rev. Gary Davis) I Feel Like Children Of Zion:

Rev. Gary Davis: "Death Don't Have No Mercy"

And now, one of aforementioned who co-founded Kicking Mule Records and things like Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop, that distributed rare music / tablature and instructional material to thousands over the years. 

Stefan Grossman: "Dallas Rag"

Stefan Grossman: "Bermuda Triangle Exit"
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^^^ Wow Aurora. First time I thought 'force of nature' and having thought it I reckon its a common theme looking back up the thread, some more than others but .. yes. CC you are amazing.
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There is just enough "complicated" accompaniment in the performance to qualify it for this thread.

Townes Van Zandt... the last of the troubadours. After Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan...

A high IQ, coupled with manic depression, plus alcoholism, equals: A "songwriter's songwriter".

"It was revealed through these proceedings that Van Zandt's annual income in the years before his death had climbed to over $100,000, thanks in large part to the royalties accrued from his songs being covered by Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, Merle Haggard, Cowboy Junkies, and other major music stars."

Comments posted elsewhere by Yung Un: "Townes is one of several that I was privileged to see shortly prior to his demise, along with Gregg Allman and John Prine. In the summer of 1996, a friend and I saw Townes at a venue in small town South Carolina. He was in delirium tremens and did not seem well at all. Shortly into his second set he said “F*** it” and left the stage.

I felt sorry for him. On the way to the car afterwards, we saw him out at his travel trailer. We went over to speak to him. By this time he had had a few drinks and was in better spirits. He invited us into the trailer and offered us a beer. His J-200 was there and I asked if I might play it. His answer was “sure”. I started playing one of his songs and at a point he began singing “Flyin’ Shoes”. He was extremely nice to us. Fond memory!

(1990) Pancho and Lefty: Townes Van Zandt

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