Why color blindness fell out of fashion with the Left? (changing styles)

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"You can't very well have an oppressor to crusade against and foment revolution on if one of your ideological developments no longer allowed you to perceptually/conceptually discern that population group for identification."

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Caucasian households in U.S. emit most carbon despite greater energy efficiency

INTRO: Residential energy use represents roughly one-fifth of annual greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. A team of researchers led by McGill University has used data from 60 million individual American households to look into how carbon emissions caused by household energy use vary by race and ethnicity across the country. Paradoxically, this first national level analysis found that even though energy-efficient homes are more often found in Caucasian neighborhoods, carbon emissions from these neighborhoods are higher than in African American neighborhoods.

"Our analysis shows that homes in majority African American communities have poorer energy efficiency than those in Caucasian neighborhoods. However, carbon emissions are still higher in Caucasian neighborhoods because homes in these areas are generally larger," explains Benjamin Goldstein, Assistant Professor in McGill's Department of Bioresource Engineering and lead author of this study... (MORE)
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Caucasian: The Caucasian race is an obsolete racial classification of human beings based on a now-disproven theory of biological race.

What Is a Caucasian?: "There's no scientific justification for use of that term," Joseph Graves, a professor of nanoengineering and the interim dean at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering in Greensboro, North Carolina, says. "[Caucasian] is actually a 19th-century anthropological idea that was based around a false conception that the origin of the human species was in the Caucasus Mountains."

Common themes: Critical race theory scholars [...] favor a race-conscious approach to social transformation, critiquing liberal ideas such as ... color blindness ... Do all oppressed peoples have something in common? This is a look at the ways that oppressed groups may share in their oppression but also have different needs and values that need to be looked at differently. It is a question of how groups can be essentialized or are unable to be essentialized.

Race essentialism: Racial essentialism is the belief that race is determined by an internal, causal essence that is shared among members of the same racial group. We investigate the relationship between facial recognition memory and essentialist beliefs about racial groups among children and adults. Specifically, we are interested in the Own-Race Bias, a phenomenon characterized by people more accurately identifying faces from within their racial group.

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