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Redheads really do have a stronger tolerance for pain than others (2021)

INTRO: Redheads have a reputation for being hot-tempered. They also are said to have a higher pain threshold than others. Although there may not be scientific proof of their short fuse, according to a recent study, there may be some science behind their pain tolerance. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have shed light as to why those with red hair respond differently to some types of pain than those with different colored hair... (MORE - details)

Redheads: They Have Genetic Superpowers (2018)

INTRO: Redheads were found to have several genetic superpowers compared to others, they are more tolerant of pain and naturally produce their own vitamin D... (MORE)

Difference Between Ginger and Redhead

[...] What is the difference between Ginger and Redhead?

Hair Color

• Redheads are people born with red hair or colored red using colors available in the market.

• Gingers are those who have an orangish hair color.

Skin Tone

• Redheads can have many different skin tones.

• Gingers have red, rather orange tone hair and have fair skin that is often pale and full of freckles.


• The redhead is a term that has neutral connotations. Some say redhead is used for those with red hair and are considered sexy.

• Ginger is a term used as a derogatory remark as people believe that gingers are not very attractive.


• Redheads and gingers are found mostly in North Western Europe.

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