Slowed-down time: Feel of it may not be aftereffects + Sign of vitamin D deficiency

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The brain on slowed-down time: Experience of it may not be aftereffects of memory processing

KEY POINTS: How we show up for a situation in our minds (the conscious product of our brains’ firing neurons) affects our physical experience of the world. Evidence suggests that experiences of slowed-down time—such as when someone is in grave danger—may not simply be “in our heads.” People in grave danger, who do not feel fear, experience time slowing down so dramatically they may be able to save their own lives. Reports of slowed-down time resemble what some call “flow” or “the zone,” characterized by deep concentration and highly efficient performance. (MORE - details)

A disturbing sign of vitamin D deficiency

INTRO: Daytime sleepiness can be a sign of vitamin D deficiency, research suggests. People with low levels of vitamin D are likely to wake more during the night and to have less sleep overall. Vitamin D levels are linked to both sleep quantity and quality.

From October to March many people in northern climes do not get enough vitamin D. As many as 50 percent of the world’s population is thought to be deficient in vitamin D. Most people need around 10 micrograms per day, which can also be obtained from supplements.

Other signs of vitamin D deficiency include low mood, muscle fatigue, difficulties with learning and memory, gut problems and headaches... (MORE)
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Gonna have to get back on my daily Vitamin D regimen. That along with my one a day multivitamin.

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