"Pregnancy is much more dangerous than abortion" (No holds barred movement survival)

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INTRO: Abortion saves lives. I have never felt the truth of this statement as deeply as when I looked into the eyes of a pregnant teenager who wanted but couldn't get an abortion. [...] Safe abortion provides them a way into their futures. Forcing them to stay pregnant causes harms up to and including death.

Before abortion was made legal nationwide under Roe v. Wade, desperation led millions to seek unsafe abortions. The stories and statistics from that time are chilling. Coat hangers. Hospital wards full of young women in septic shock. Hundreds of deaths a year.

Since the US Supreme Court allowed Texas' near-total abortion ban to go into law, other states will almost certainly follow suit, enacting total or near-total abortion bans. We should ask what the resulting death toll will be. [...]

Even when abortion is completely illegal, abortion is never gone. But abortion outside of clinics in our post-Roe era will be very different from abortion outside of clinics pre-Roe, because technology and advocacy have changed significantly in the past 50 years.

We are likely to see organizations like Plan C organizing to help pregnant people self-manage their abortions safely with the medication misoprostol. Others will be able to travel to states where abortion is still accessible – but how many is very uncertain, as the landscape of abortion access will be radically altered. Some people may turn to other, less safe and less effective methods like herbs, physical methods like being hit in the abdomen, and other desperate measures.

In this changing landscape, there is really no way to estimate precisely how many people will die because of less-safe abortion if abortion is banned in the U.S. or in specific states... (MORE)

If there's risk in the Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt of upper North America, then the danger of child-brides in backward countries is considerably heightened, and includes more (worse?) than the possibility of dying. (Surgery to repair OF is more difficult to come by.)

Fistula: another blight on the child bride: "Unable to handle the prolonged labour, Bano’s young body had developed a fistula caused by the baby’s head pressing hard against the lining of the birth canal and tearing into the walls of her rectum and the bladder.

Bano’s family attributed her condition to fate, her father refusing to visit “due to the bad odour coming from me.” However, through those trying times, Khan stood by his young wife and sought medical help.

After Bano spent a year in a perpetually “wet and stinky” condition, her husband finally discovered a hospital in Karachi specialising in treating fistula and other conditions related to reproductive health."

Obstetric fistula: In sub-Saharan Africa, many girls enter into arranged marriages soon after menarche (usually between the ages of 9 and 15). Social factors and economic factors contribute to this practice of early marriages. Socially, some grooms want to ensure their brides are virgins when they get married, so an earlier marriage is desirable. Economically, the bride price received and having one less person to feed in the family helps alleviate the financial burdens of the bride's family. Early marriages lead to early childbirth, which increases the risk of obstructed labor, since young mothers who are poor and malnourished may have underdeveloped pelvises. In fact, obstructed labor is responsible for 76 to 97% of obstetric fistulae.
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Every proposed anti-abortion law has exemptions for risk to the life of the mother, even if not for rape or incest. So this Salon article is meaningless. The Texas law this article is about allows for 6 weeks, which is plenty of time to account for even rape and incest. So they are only talking about irresponsible women who can't be bothered to take a pregnancy test or even the morning after pill.

If you're willing to risk your life in order to kill a baby, you kind of get what you deserve. It's not like we live in the pre-Roe world where you'd be socially shunned for being pregnant out of wedlock. Just look at the show Teen Mom.

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