Never forget..

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I watched live on TV as events unfolded. I've tried to find some sort of appropriate comment and .. nothing.
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Hard to believe it was 20 years ago. Like something concocted in the movies that had jumped off the screen and substantiated itself.

Many thought it was end of the world as we know it -- War on terror, Homeland security, etc.  Changed the NYC skyline forever.

Those involved -- heroes and victims -- deserve the respect. The living -- survivors, rescuers, emegency personel -- still dealing with the side-effects; some of those later departing due to them.
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Such a sad, sad day. All those calls to loved ones from people trapped in the Towers. All the lives lost. It does feel surreal.
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Chills run down my spine when I listen to these recordings. It makes it real all over again, as if it were just yesterday.

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