Wooden satellite to be launched (engineering) + Designing away doctor visits via tech

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New tech could take doctors out of hospitals completely

INTRO: Now that new medical sensors and gadgets can reliably monitor a patient’s health — in real time and theoretically from anywhere in the world — healthcare providers are left navigating a new kind of medicine where machines might handle so many parts of the job that they don’t even need to show up in person.

Primary care physician Neil Singh of Brighton and Sussex Medical School grapples with this changing landscape of medicine in a new, thoughtful Wired essay about how for better or worse — but most likely both — some traditions in medicine might die off as remote sensing technology gets more powerful.

Part of the story talks about how these sensors are starting to demonstrate the potential to save countless lives... (MORE)

Satellite made out of WOOD is being launched by the European Space Agency later this year

KEY POINTS: A four-inch square satellite made of coated plywood will be launched into space. The launch will happen before the end of 2021 and test how it survives the harsh conditions of space. The 2.2-pound WISA Woodsat satellite was designed by Arctic Astronautics and will go to space on a Rocket Lab Electron rocket. It will be monitored thanks to its two cameras, one which has a selfie selfie stick. Traditional satellites are largely made from aluminum, but Woodsat's base is birch.

[...] Aside from the two cameras, the satellite will also carry a set of pressure sensors that will monitor pressure in onboard cavities especially in the spacecraft’s first days in orbit.

The satellite will also run an experiment that will test the use of a novel 3D-printed electrically conductive plastic material, which could pave the way for possible future onboard 3D printing of power and data cables directly in space, the European Space Agency, which helps Arctic Astronautics test the satellite, said in a separate statement.

The satellite, which is powered by nine small solar cells, will be equipped with an amateur radio payload that will allow hobbyists to relay radio signals and images around the globe.

Arctic Astronautics previously flew a wooden cubesat on a weather balloon, which, however, didn’t pass the karman line, the boundary between the atmosphere and space. The current Woodsat is a new generation of the technology. It will be launched into its  300 and 370 miles (500 and 600 kilometers) polar orbit on Rocket Lab's Electron rocket in November of this year... (MORE - details)

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