Nurse's magnetic vaccine attempt backfires + Pharmacist gets 3 year sentence for vacc

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Nurse’s Attempt To Prove Vaccines Make People Magnetic Hilariously Backfires

EXCERPT: . . . Registered nurse Joanna Overholt, testifying before the Ohio House health committee about what she said were potential coronavirus vaccine dangers, tried to use her own body as proof.

Overholt said she heard during lunch that vaccines cause magnetism in humans, so she decided to prove her point on herself by attempting to show how a bobby pin and a key would stick to her exposed skin. Spoiler alert: It didn’t go well.

“Explain to me why the key sticks to me. It sticks to my neck, too,” Overholt said. “So, yeah, if somebody could explain this, that would be great.” The nonmagnetic aluminum key actually fell off her neck as soon as she removed her hand... (MORE)

Demonstration begins at six minute mark

Pharmacist who destroyed hundreds of Covid-19 vaccine doses sentenced to 3 years in prison

EXCERPTS: On Tuesday, a federal judge sentenced Steven Brandenburg, the Wisconsin pharmacist whom police say deliberately sabotaged hundreds of covid-19 vaccine doses last December, to three years in federal prison, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports... 

[...] authorities arrested Brandenburg under suspicion that he had intentionally spoiled the doses. Soon after his arrest, Brandenburg reportedly admitted to it, telling police that he had left the doses out overnight on December 24 and 25, likely meaning that the doses given to people were ineffective. When asked why, Brandenburg reportedly said that he believed that the vaccines would harm people by changing their DNA (a completely false belief).

An affidavit from his ex-wife alleged that he espoused other conspiracy theories, such as the fear that the U.S. would shut down the power grid and commit cyberattacks against its own citizens. The FBI also claimed that Brandenburg believed the Earth to be flat... (MORE - details)
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LOL I hope I'm never under the care of THAT nurse.

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