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Question for CC - Ostronomos - Apr 18, 2019

Could the Bible contain hidden meanings that were meant to be deciphered upon serious attention? I mean, did ancient humans write the Bible after inspiration from a God?

RE: Question for CC - C C - Apr 18, 2019

Skeptics have supposedly demonstrated that "cryptic meanings" can be discovered in randomly selected novels, which were not deliberately placed there by the author using the formulaic "decoding" system employed or any other. I guess it falls within apophenia or like some form of semantic paredolia.

Given the historical origins of the Bible and the scientific "internal story" of how the world works in terms of its interdependent parts and network of explanations, and the actual past uncovered... Mature or responsible mainstream institutions and knowledge orientations would not endorse such an idea grounded in myth and personal beliefs. Technically, however, there's a wide meandering loop of epistemic circularity in the form of "This is what's going on and what has happened in Nature because Nature says so." But very wide loops like that are taken to have vastly more credibility than short ones like "The Bible is true because it says so", which is crouched in the other.

Descartes and others before him introduced the skeptical possibility that a demon (or whatever) could in theory deceive us with an alternative reality if our experiences are only second-hand representations rather than non-mediated contact with the original affairs of a next-level or metempirical realm. (Philip K Dick, in the course of maybe reading too much literature about ancient Gnosticism, even once ventured that we were still living in the New Testament, Roman Empire days of two millennia ago.) In a series of installments, perhaps still ongoing, a blogger explored such fraudulent "living in a simulation" territory here, with regard to Young Earth Creationism and possibly other Abrahamic doctrines:

But again, such speculation (which can't be validated) does not weather the scrutiny of critical thinking well or its prescriptions concerning what public endeavors should not be wasting their time on. It's kind of like: "Even if you should be in a deceptive dream, you need to go along with how the dream works if you want to survive or not wake up prematurely and have this avatar (immediate identity) and its life destroyed. There's no guarantee that the waking or overarching identity afterwards will remember such as well as possess an intellect, personality, and manifestations of anything."