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Your nonreactive self.. - Magical Realist - Jul 21, 2018

Turn off your TV. Shut down your computer. Turn off your lamp. Sit in the silent darkness of your living room. What do you now sense and feel? You are no longer reacting to stimuli around you. You are simply and dreamfully surfacing as spontaneous thoughts and memories. This is another kind of being in the world altogether. You are what you are from the inside out. No longer jerked here and there by the perceptions of your environment. See how this sets with you. Explore it. Find in its freedom the being you rarely are. Find yourself grounded in the pure awareness of what you are being without provocation or stimulation. The you that comes forth naked and without expectations.

[Image: groundroots.jpg]

RE: Your nonreactive self.. - Syne - Jul 21, 2018

Once the novelty of that wears off, you can start to recognize when you are reactive, let it go, and learn to express yourself more freely in any circumstance.

RE: Your nonreactive self.. - Yazata - Jul 22, 2018

The problem is that even if we isolate ourselves from sensory stimulation, our minds are still going to be jumping around crazily from idea to idea.

Calming that internal reactivity is the hard part.

RE: Your nonreactive self.. - Magical Realist - Jul 23, 2018

You have to mindfully detach yourself from your thought stream. Picture them as clouds passing over you, ephemeral and leaving you blissfully unaffected.