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DNA might not have been made here. - confused2 - Jun 11, 2018

If you had (say) 500 million years to prepare for your local star turning supernova - might you prepare for that by using the supernova to post more than just gas, rock and ice into the cosmos?

Not only did we get the water (thanks guys (and gals) (and LGBTi)) but perhaps we also got something swimming in it. A delibarate engineered toolkit for life in any Goldilocks zone.

RE: DNA might not have been made here. - C C - Jun 11, 2018

Despite fewer amounts of heavy elements, population II stars can have planets. But one might wonder how that shortage bodes for life arising on them, much less of the intelligent variety.

In the category of population I stars that aren't deprived of such.. Despite astronomy investigators with a "habitable planet" bent largely searching for stable stars that will eventually fade away like the sun... Stars with enough mass to go supernova aren't ruled out anymore as possibilities for life arising on their planets. So the proposal might be applicable to any civilizations of the latter sending out a "Noah's Ark" time-capsule ahead of time to release _X_. When the outward cloud of ionized gases and grains reach it or that mess later develops into a nebula birthing ground for young stars. If possible to invent a container that could survive the event while remaining up close and personal, then that's a stay-at-home option.