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Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Magical Realist - May 7, 2018

"Been reading a lot about poltergeists recently, perhaps the most fascinating of all Fortean phenomena. I’ve collected a list of my favourite poltergeist actions; and then my favourite poltergeist sounds. I try and pass very quickly over the banal and well known. These come from tens of different cases.

Poltergeist Acts
Stones thrown; showers of potatoes; ‘the flight of keys, nails, spoons and forks (and these were bent in mid air)’; objects disappear and reappear; ‘crockery-smashing orgies’; three pails full of broken glass and china; all boxes piled up on one side of a room; chairs walked around the room; chairs ended up on the table; a piano dragged around the room; jugs emptied in the middle of beds; skirting board glowing red; fires started; congealed blood sprang out of a basin and the basin broke; egg flew across the kitchen and hit a cat on its head; ruined beer with sand; salt mixed with bran; family ‘found the furniture strewn about the rooms, and curious figures, constructed of clothing… There were eleven figures, arranged in life-like attitudes’; ‘a blanket formed to look like a figure, sitting by the fire’; invisible mouse under covers; invisible animal in a linen bag; marks of a claw in ashes;  a cone shaped fountain of light; black cloud that threatened to grow as big as the house; a hand moved up and down in mid air; child sees ‘funny cat’ [the creepiest]; astronomical designs on the ceiling; sulphorous smell; window shook violently; house or room shook;  cold blast; pail of cold water seemed to boil; can opener flew around the room then fastened onto the ceiling; untethering cattle; horses ‘tails were in the mangers and their heads were where their tails should have been’; horse with foot in its mouth; cold hand plucks thigh; slapped woman in her face; arms, legs, trunk, hands of residents swelling; a great weight on residents’ feet; individuals forced to go on all fours; pitched ghost hunters out into the street…

Poltergeist Noise
With the sounds it is striking the way that certain ones repeat. The whirring, winding sound is particularly fascinating. You have to admire too the ingenuity of those describing what they heard: ‘like an animal with boards under its feet’!

Cracks; knocks; raps; ‘some of the raps seemed intelligent’; sound like a bullet lodged in wood; hollow cough; continuous explosion of fireworks; hollow thumps resembling the shot of a cannon at a distance; like the shoeing of a horse; vibrations; ‘an alarm clock being wound up’; ‘winding of a big clock’; winding up of a clock; whistling or whizzing; like a very large bird flying around in the room; ‘groaning and fluttering’;  like two able threshers on a boarded floor; sawing noise; ‘whirring noises’; purring in children’s bed; ‘like a spinning wheel’; sounded like a ropemaker [not sure about this one]; ‘ungrateful skippings’; rustled like silk; hissing (as if trying to say something); person stamping about in clogs; galloping; ‘like an animal with boards under its feet’; pad-pad-pad; like a man walking with a wooden leg; ‘like a stick jumping on one of its ends’; ‘as of a piece of wood or a balance rapidly striking each end of the floor’; dragging noise; like a sack falling on the floor; ‘heavy elastic body rolling down the stairs’; panting; jingling of money; falling money; ‘an animal leaping from chair’; leaping sound from the windows; sounds of harmony; singing in the chimney; sounded like a box pried open with a crowbar; a matchbox ‘landing with a noise like a bar of iron’, like a cat with claw caught in rat trap; like a saucer dropped and broken; church music; reading in monotone; like an altercation between a man and a woman; says ‘hush, hush’; whistle and groan; says ‘bo, bo, kick, cuck’; and a particular favourite ‘I was assailed by a noise I had never heard before’…"-----

[Image: poltergeist.jpg]

RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Zinjanthropos - May 8, 2018

Here's the answer....somewhat. Not homemade but a naturally formed anti gravity field may sometime make its way to Earth or the planet passes through one.....when pigs fly?

RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Magical Realist - May 8, 2018

(May 8, 2018 12:44 PM)Zinjanthropos Wrote:

Here's the answer....somewhat. Not homemade but a naturally formed anti gravity field may sometime make its way to Earth or the planet passes through one.....when pigs fly?

I doubt there's a natural source for a superconductive magnetic field other than a magnetic star.

RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - C C - May 8, 2018

From elsewhere:

The current theory behind this Poltergeist-like phenomena is that the activity is caused by a person in the household, known as the "human agent". The agent is usually an adolescent or prepubescent girl and normally one that is troubled emotionally. It is believed that she unconsciously manipulates physical objects in the house by psychokinesis (PK), the power to move things by energy generated in the brain. [...] It seems that when the activity begins to manifest, the girl is usually in the midst of some emotional or sexual turmoil.

A teenage or prepubescent female typecast as the usual "agent" is probably more of an urban myth. The majority of incidents might not fit the pattern. As well as going without immediate research at the time, and accordingly never explained apart from speculations on both sides.

The "troubled girl" perception developed because a lot of the poltergeist activity which rarely did get investigated and also exposed as fraudulent just happened to involve girls revealed as the culprits (without any telekinetic powers being involved). Over the decades after Melbourne Christopher documented earlier ones back in 1970, those type incidents continued to be debunked via the participants being caught in the act or eventually confessing: "They admitted that when they had found their teacher and their parents so gullible, so easy to mystify, they thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and the publicity their pranks had provoked." [Christopher]. Face-saving on the part of paranormal enthusiasts buried / ignored the deceptive revelations behind those fewer in number accounts, but retained and abstracted a "troubled girl" generalization from them.

Even "physicists" keep the potential legend of the stereotype going, though those below as least stopped short and categorized them as "children" rather than singling-out and picking on a gender. [EDIT: Umph... I take it back. They mention "young womans" in the abstract.]

'They're here': The mechanism of poltergeist activity

Zeeya Merali (New Scientist, 2008): The sight of small blonde girls watching television is guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of anyone who has watched the movie *Poltergeist*.

We’re right to be terrified, say physicists. Children generate poltergeist activity by channelling energy into the quantum mechanical vacuum.

Pierro Brovetto, whose last known address was the Instituto Fisica Superiore, in Cagliari, Italy and his colleague Vera Maxia wanted to explain the origin of poltergeist phenomena, characterised by objects flying around the room “of their own accord”.

The researchers note that poltergeist encounters have been reported around the world and across different cultures, but tend to have one thing in common.

“Poltergeist disturbances often occur in the neighbourhood of a pubescent child or a young woman,” the authors note in their paper.

So Brovetto and Maxia have come up with a mechanism to explain just how these women and children create such havoc. Like so many problems that arise in adolescence, puberty gets the blame.

Brovetto and Maxia hypothesise that the changes in the brain that occur at puberty involve fluctuations in electron activity that, in rare cases, can create disturbances up to a few metres around the outside of the brain.

These disturbances would be similar in character to the quantum mechanical fluctuations that physicists believe occur in the vacuum, in which “virtual” particle and antiparticle pairs pop up for a fleeting moment, before they annihilate each other and disappear again.

Brovetto and Maxia believe that the extra fluctuations triggered by the pubescent brain would substantially enhance the presence of the virtual particles surrounding the person. This could slowly increase the pressure of air around them, moving objects and even sending them hurtling across the room.

The poltergeist paper will appear in the journal Neuroquantology.

We contacted Brian Josephson, a Nobel laureate physicist who is on the editorial board of Neuroquantology.

“This looks distinctly flaky to me,” Josephson commented.


RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Magical Realist - May 8, 2018

Many poltergeist cases are readily dismissed by investigators the moment one of the occupants of the house is caught fabricating a noise. But this hoaxery is not uncommon as many experiencers of the phenomena are anxious for something to happen when the investigators are there. Unfortunately for many cases this results in all the other incidents reported also being dismissed out of hand as hoaxery and the local newspapers reporting it as such. There is huge public skepticism to contend with in such cases, even though the events are witnessed by occupants and other investigators. Here is such a case:

RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Syne - May 8, 2018

LOL! That Enfield photo.

RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Magical Realist - May 14, 2018

"POLICE investigating reports of disturbances at a house were left stunned when they witnessed paranormal activity.

The officers witnessed clothes flying across a room, lights going off and when they went back on the lampshades were upside down and oven doors opening and closing.

Even a chihuahua dog which was playing in the garden was then discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

The family who live at the property had called the police in a panic. They endured two days of the bizarre occurrences before moving out of the property in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire.

The situation has been discussed at high levels within Police Scotland, with senior officers perplexed as to how they best handle the incidents.

A police source said: “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.

“One problem we’ve got is where we go from here as no crime has been established, so what else can we do but deal with any reports of disturbances.

“But officers with more than 20 years’ service are saying they’ve never seen anything like this. It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads round.

“How do you handle what, despite us liking to use the word, has been described as a poltergeist.”

The family at the centre of the drama are devoutly Catholic and police did seek assistance from the church.

A priest has been to the house in Stonelaw Road and performed what has been described as a ‘blessing’ at the property.

The saga unfolded when the family, a woman and her son in his early teens, contacted police on Monday and Tuesday to report ‘disturbing incidents’ in her home.

The woman and the teenager, described as extremely distressed, had been experiencing violent and unexplained circumstances and in desperation contacted police.

A source said: “The officers attended expecting it to be a mental health issue but they witnessed the lights going off, clothes flying across the room and the dog sitting on top of the hedge.

“The officers called their superiors who also attended thinking the cops were perhaps being a bit silly but it’s being taken very seriously.

“The fact it was witnessed by our officers has lent itself to a very different but active inquiry.”

With no reasonable explanation for what they witnessed police, acting with the support of the family, contacted the Catholic Church who sent a priest to bless the house.

No-one has been harmed, though the family were given safety advice by baffled officers and chose to leave the house. They are understood to be living with relatives.

The source added: “The main concern is with the family’s welfare and well-being but with no crime committed and no culprit we are at a loss how to proceed with it. Inquiries are ongoing but it’s difficult to know where to go with it.”

Police are understood to be looking into the family’s background, and working with doctors and social services to provide support.

They are also thought to be checking the history of the property, to see if there been any reports of similar occurrences from previous residents.

Our source said all options were being considered by way of explaining the goings-on: “Is it some form of hoax, or is it real or not real? These are the questions being asked by officers but without coming to any conclusion.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “On 8 and 9 August police attended a house in Rutherglen to reports of a disturbance. No evidence of criminality was found and advice and guidance was given to the family.”

The Catholic Church was approached for comment but failed to respond."

RE: Weird things poltergeists do and noises they make - Ostronomos - May 17, 2018

I find the existence of ghosts to be doubtful and random as opposed to demons and evil entities themselves. Reason being is that in my experience that world is a complex transition away from the familiar world of people, places and things. I don't believe in the idea of a playful spiritual entity. I believe they all have a purpose behind their existence. Some sinister. You can actually smell evil when it is near you in my experience. And it's smell does not come in the form of physical atoms. The smell is that of a simulated scenario.