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New Solar Roof Tiles - Secular Sanity - Oct 30, 2016

Damn it!  I wish these were available when I built my house.  I wonder what the cost is.  It might be worth replacing my roof.  I don’t know, though.  I’ve already switched to LED, which has saved me a fortune.

RE: New Solar Roof Tiles - Carol - Nov 8, 2016

That is wonderful news.  I think the election has jammed the internet so badly everyone may be having a difficult time today.  I could not get the video to work so I looked for another site.

It may not be too late to upgrade your roof because the tiles can work with the ones you already have.  You might pray for a tree to fall on roof and use insurance money, plus a federal rebate, and possibly a local rebate program, to repair your roof.   Big Grin

Do you realize when more people go solar the more likely electricity will be affordable for those who can't afford the solar tiles.  There are so many reasons for going solar. I keep praying we break free of nuclear and fossil fuels.   

What can you tell us about your LED switch?  Is there something we all can be doing on a small scale?  

RE: New Solar Roof Tiles - Secular Sanity - Nov 9, 2016

(Nov 8, 2016 07:13 PM)Carol Wrote: LED switch?  Is there something we all can be doing on a small scale?

Of course. Change your light bulbs.

I’ve cut my electric bill in half. It’s already paid for itself. The color is great and they have recessed can lights now. I got a little frustrated wiring a Lutron 4-way dimmer switch, but other than that, it’s all good.