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The Retro Encabulator - Yazata - Apr 1, 2021

A development of the famous Turboencabulator first developed in 1944 and known to all engineering students.

The Retro Encabulator. This video from Rockwell Automation explains it:

I think that regular use of a full-powered Retro Encabulator might even start to make the CTMU comprehensible.

The earlier General Electric Turboencabulator as included in that company's instrument catalog in 1962:

[Image: GE_Turboencabulator_pg_1.jpg]

[Image: GE_Turboencabulator_pg_1.jpg]

[Image: GE_Turboencabulator_pg_2.jpg]

[Image: GE_Turboencabulator_pg_2.jpg]

RE: The Retro Encabulator - Yazata - Apr 1, 2021

It isn't just companies like GE and Rockwell that have been employing Encabulation. Here's a more recent application of Encabulation to Big Data Analytics by Palo Alto's own Cloudera, a software firm. If you listen carefully to the engineers' explanation, you will realize that they are using many of the same principles as the CTMU.

RE: The Retro Encabulator - confused2 - Apr 5, 2021

Enfabulation is the same kinda thing but much better.