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Full Version: Black matters: Change in paint style may save birds from wind turbine deaths
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INTRO: Renewable energy is a good thing. In fact, things like wind turbines may be the only thing that can save us from our seemingly unstoppable negative effect on Earth’s climate. However, some renewable energy sources have proven to be a problem for nature in other ways. To put it more bluntly, wind turbines and birds don’t seem to mix well.

Researchers have determined that wind turbines — typically painted all white, with white blades — pose a problem for some birds. As Ars Technica notes, wind farms have tallied more than a handful of dead eagles and other birds that strike the large white poles or the blades of the turbines. Now, a new study offers an incredibly simple fix. In a new paper published in Ecology and Evolution, researchers tested a dead-simple way to prevent the deaths of birds that have a hard time seeing and avoiding the blindingly white wind turbines. All they did was paint one of the blades black. That’s it... (MORE)