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Full Version: Girls Are More Engaged When “Doing Science” Rather Than “Being Scientists”
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(Feb 8, 2019 01:47 AM)C C Wrote: [ -> ]On closer inspection, it turns out that these “truths” are nothing more than assumptions, and that these assumptions are inconsistent with the facts. Here are the facts:

1. Men do not outnumber women in all STEM fields [...]

2. Women and men are equally capable of doing STEM work [...]

3. Sex-linked interest preferences are not mere artifacts of socialization [...]

4. Different preferences don’t mean women’s are less important [...]

5. Men earn more because they believe they are worth more—and women agree [undervalue themselves due to cultural conditioning?] ...

Women likely undervalue themselves as a natural consequence of their people-oriented evolutionary psychology, which predisposes them to an external locus of self-worth. That's probably also why they are more attracted to "doing", which can be for others, than "being", which is primarily for oneself.
I think some of this is nature, some of this is socially manufactured. Girls and boys at very young ages, are often steered towards what clothing to like, shows to watch, heroes to worship, and toys to play with. Natural inclinations play a role, but much of what drives the interests of girls and boys, stems from the culture of which they are a product.
Men are generally egotistical pricks only looking for the prestige and power of a position in science. Women are more into the enterprise of science itself and the empathic rewards of a team spirit.
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