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Full Version: "She's in love with who I am, back in high school I used to bust it to the dance..."
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This sick song mixes the urban experience with advanced mathematics. You'll notice the Schroedinger equation is being used. It is a very ill and fundamental song. There are not too many songs of this quality to appear. It catalyses an interesting experience.
Can’t be bothered listening to the song/vid. Just wanted to say that once you get out of high school, you have to ‘get out’ of high school. Emphasis on that last ‘get out’.
(Feb 2, 2019 02:34 AM)Ostronomos Wrote: [ -> ]This sick song mixes the urban experience with advanced mathematics.

The chalkboard somewhere after the 4-minute mark.

Hip-hop is like an artist's liberating dream (and perhaps half a dozen other musical sub-categories whose later unbridled developments I haven't kept up with). An apparent free pass to literally say and do anything without consequences from the assorted vigilante mobs (or at least reaction of a magnitude and kind that could fully put an end to a personal career).

No wonder so many have fused its aspects into other genres. ("Hey, our band has carte blanche here due to this added element in the song, you provincial rubes. We're not misogynist, homophobic, antisemitic, sacrilegious, etc. This is like Frank Loyd Wright's bohemian declaration in 1911 to his lifestyle critics: "It is infinitely more difficult to live without rules. But that is what the really honest, sincere thinking man is compelled to do.") Wink