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Full Version: How to find your way out of the woods without tools—or your phone
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EXCERPT: Today, we live in a world where GPS systems, digital maps, and other navigation apps are all available on our smartphones. Few of us just walk straight into the woods without a phone, a personal GPS, or another navigation tool. But phones run on batteries, and batteries can die faster than we realize. If you get lost off-trail without a phone or a compass, and you literally can’t find north, we have a few tricks to help you navigate back to civilization.

Before we begin, remember the basics of outdoor safety: Rescue teams will find you more easily if you stay in one place, preferably close to your last known location or your planned destination. Unless you’re facing a serious emergency, such as a natural disaster, stay put and don’t leave the trail! For the sake of this guide, however, let’s assume you have deserted the beaten path. What do you do? (INCLUDED: Follow the land, Consult the sun, Read the night sky, Non-digital tools)