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Full Version: God's emotional wealth is contingent, but the cost of our destruction to God is nil
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God's emotional wealth is contingent on us as the maximization of utility with respect to self-configuration. Thus telors play an essential role in existence. As human requests for promotion of their own well-being may be granted if they work in harmony with generalized utility, the primitive parts of our brain may sometimes get the better of our decisions. This may not necessarily lead to sin but sin itself only has minor effects when considering its impact on global utility. Not to mention blind nature is the dividing line between us and God. But memory carries with it the burden of imprint. Hence we carry the imprint on our memories even when we transition into the intelligent cosmos from blind nature. Where teleology amounts to the "will of God", religion would provide the guidance we seek to strictly adhering to what is moral. God would necessarily self-generate when certain parts of the individual observer's brain awakens the cosmic awareness which evolves in time.