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Full Version: What are you listening to ...right now?
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Don't listen to this song and be like "this is an act of greed on Spellbound's part" don't do dat. What does this say? Not nothin or fully nothin?

This song introduces itself with brief pauses between the percussion and slow vocals mixed with a background of drifting melodies

She Sells Sanctuary by The an awesome video..

My son is home on leave.  He’s popular.  His friends call him the glue. So this time home, I made him pencil me in.  We went kayaking at the coast and exchanged songs along the way.  This one is about Jerry Cantrell’s father, who was in the Vietnam War.  It’s a little graphic. Not really my cup of tea.

But this one, I liked.  He’s a MMA fighter and loves Conor McGregor.  This is his McGregor’s walkout song.

Tomorrow, I get a full 12 hours.  Yay!
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