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Full Version: Casey Handmer's Blog
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Casey Handmer is a CalTech physics PhD with lots of ideas and opinions. Most of them I agree with, a few I don't. But he argues for all of them very well, and it's hard to read what he says and not be at least a little converted. At the very least, he leaves one arguing at a higher level.

In that regard, he reminds me of Sabine Hossenfelder, except without the bestselling books.

A big difference is that while Sabine's interests run towards the more philosophical implications of fundamental physics, Casey's are more directed towards the practicalities of space travel, space colonization and the economics of life offworld. He's a big fan of Elon's Starship (which he considers a potential game changer) and has lots to say about the efficiencies of using it, about using it to build offworld colonies and all that. He's somebody whose ideas Elon really needs to read (and I expect already has).

The blog. Lots to read here:

His bio

And his wife is just as interesting as he is, if not more so: U. of Zurich astrophysics PhD, formerly exoplanet researcher at CalTech/JPL, and now at Planet Labs. She's also a sci-fi writer I think. Check her out.