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Full Version: The first 'space hotel' plans to open in 2027
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EXCERPTS: . . . the Sacramento start-up Orbital Assembly Corporation (AOC) has announced plans to open a space hotel by 2027. As the first of its kind, Voyager Station is slated to be a luxury resort designed to accommodate 280 guests and 112 crew members, complete with a restaurant, a bar, a concert hall, a gym and even a cinema.

If this sounds preposterous, Tim Alatorre, OAC’s vice president and architect behind the hotel, understands the skepticism. But it won’t be long, he insists, before such talk is commonplace. “I think it’s going to be a normal thing, where your mom went to space, your dad went to space,” he says. “Being an astronaut is not going to be a novel thing anymore, because everyone has done it.”

[...] After blasting off from Earth, guests will arrive at a central, zero-gravity docking hub. From there, elevator shafts will carry them outward to a chain of “habitation modules” arranged around the circumference of the circular station. It’s only there, at the edge of the wheel, that the centrifugal force will be strong enough to keep guests and their surroundings firmly grounded.

Wandering the 24 modules, which come in at 125,000 square feet total, they’ll find all the aforementioned amenities of this resort in the sky. They’ll lift unwieldy weights and practice slam dunks, enjoy live music, taste traditional astro-fare like tang and freeze-dried ice cream alongside world cuisines. Then, of course, there’s the view.

Every earthbound resort touts the beauty of its environs, but Voyager’s will be truly unparalleled. In renderings of the station, as guests mill about a sparse, futuristic interior, they are typically gazing out the windows. Each scene is a variation on the same surreal theme: a fraction of Earth’s gargantuan frame, blue and green and white, curving against the black of an interstellar void... (MORE - missing details)

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