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Full Version: Nothing could go wrong with plan for more tourists on dragon isles (park design)
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EXCERPTS: The government of Indonesia recently announced plans to create new tourist hubs in Komodo National Park, the home of the majestic, foul-mouthed lizard that shares its name.

[...] last year people on social media started comparing the project to “Jurassic Park,” Reuters reports, in reference to another example of tourism and giant lizards.

[...] UNESCO has publicly complained that the project—whatever it is—may disturb the habitat of the dragons, as well as piss off the islands’ local community.

[...] While the country’s plans will certainly not lead to Spielbergian carnage, there is surely some question as to whether it’s a good idea to encourage large amounts of people to visit an island filled with meat-eating lizards.

[...] Komodo attacks on humans are extremely rare but when they do happen, it’s truly nightmare-level ... Dragons can run 12 miles per hour and have large, venom-laced chompers, which allow them to basically incapacitate you with a single bite (though they’re known to bite you a lot). ... they have been known to occasionally raid Indonesian villages -- busting into random houses to munch on an arm or leg. In 2001, Sharon Stone’s then-husband ... had part of his foot bitten off in front of a bunch of school children...

Anyway, I don’t mean to dragon-shame. Komodos are really cool [...] And, in this case, UNESCO officials are clearly worried most about the well-being of the lizards, not the tourists...

[...] Nonetheless, the Indonesian government seems to have made up its mind. It was reported in February that officials were rushing to complete construction on its project... (MORE - missing details)