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Full Version: The Retro Encabulator
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A development of the famous Turboencabulator first developed in 1944 and known to all engineering students.

The Retro Encabulator. This video from Rockwell Automation explains it:

I think that regular use of a full-powered Retro Encabulator might even start to make the CTMU comprehensible.

The earlier General Electric Turboencabulator as included in that company's instrument catalog in 1962:

[Image: GE_Turboencabulator_pg_1.jpg]

[Image: GE_Turboencabulator_pg_2.jpg]
It isn't just companies like GE and Rockwell that have been employing Encabulation. Here's a more recent application of Encabulation to Big Data Analytics by Palo Alto's own Cloudera, a software firm. If you listen carefully to the engineers' explanation, you will realize that they are using many of the same principles as the CTMU.

Enfabulation is the same kinda thing but much better.